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About Us

Our Mission

Preserving and protecting the land and water resources of southern New Jersey for generations to come

About the South Jersey Land & Water Trust

The South Jersey Land and Water Trust is a non-profit 501(c)(3) conservation organization. As our name suggests, we work to protect and preserve the land and water resources of southern New Jersey. We accomplish this by preserving open space and farmland, hosting educational workshops, installing stream buffers and rain gardens, and much more. We aim to maintain and enhance the natural, cultural, and historic heritage of the region. We work in four major areas:

SJLWT provides a voice for the citizens of southern New Jersey in protecting and maintaining clean water and open spaces. We work to focus attention on the value of our region’s watersheds – our land and water, promote greater understanding of their fragility and be alerted to threats to their environmental health. Our work is funded in part by tax-deductible donations.

Our Core Values

Combating Global Warming.  We are committed to the preservation and expansion of forests and vegetation as key to absorbing and storing carbon.


Stewardship. Activities performed in partnership with other like-minded citizens and organizations are performed with care for the fragility of ecosystems, and respect for the culture and the lifestyles of those that dwell there.


Education. Most SJLWT programs are designed with an educational component. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff strive to provide meaningful information and outreach in communities and schools in the project areas we serve, in an effort to further promote attention and continuing involvement in local environmental issues.


Vision. SJLWT’s vision is to retain the integrity and uniqueness of our South Jersey natural areas for our children and for all generations to come.


Leadership. SJLWT works to inspire action and commitment by the next generation of environmental stewards through volunteerism, internships, and youth programs. 


Read on to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved!

Within each of these areas, we implement a number of programs that you can learn more about hereFrom preserving land to planting rain gardens to hosting composting workshops, the SJLWT provides many different services for our state. We’re composed of a staff of environmentalists and naturalists who are dedicated to our mission. Join us in our fight to protect New Jersey's Natural beauty -- volunteer, donate, or become a member today!

Learn More About the SJLWT

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What We Do

Learn more about all of our programs and initiatives, from land preservation to rain garden installations to workshops

Our Impact

Learn about the land we've preserved, the green infrastructure we've built, the habitats we've protected and more

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Join Us!

We depend on passionate environmental advocates like you to keep our organization running. Click below to learn about volunteering, becoming a member, and more

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