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Education Programs

Our environmental education programs educate the public about the natural world and teach people how they can protect it

Nature Walks

Every month, SJLWT’s Program Coordinator, Michael Hogan, leads a guided Nature Walk at a park, preserve, or noteworthy place in South Jersey. We have walked at such places at Batsto, Matt’s Landing on the Delaware Bay, Chestnut Branch Park, and SJLWT’s Oldman’s Creek Preserve, to name a few. Walks are free for SJLWT members. See our Events Page for the next Nature Walk.


SJLWT staff and Board members offer workshops and presentations to members, community groups, organizations, and the public on a variety of topics including the value of land preservation and its relation to reducing global warming, the methods and importance of protecting water quality and quantity, threatened species, and environmental stewardship. If you are interested in such a workshop or presentation for your group, please contact the Trust’s Executive Director Christine Nolan, at 856-376-3622.  Outside speakers also do occasional talks.  Members receive notification of all workshops and presentations sponsored by SJLWT.

School Gardens

The SJLWT has constructed rain gardens, wildflower gardens, and buffer plantings at schools throughout South Jersey. Students participate in the planting of these installations and receive a presentation on native plants and habitats. The gardens then serve as an educational tool for the school. 

11 05.01.20 Elmer Elem school rain garde

River-Friendly Schools

The River Friendly School Certification Program is aligned with and complementary to the Watershed Institute’s River-Friendly School Program. It is designed to provide Pre-K to 12 schools with the opportunity to implement projects that benefit water quality, promote water conservation, and improve wildlife habitat, while also creating real-life learning opportunities for students, staff, parents, and other visitors. You can read more about the River Friendly Schools program here.

Classroom and Workplace Presentations

Frequently, an SJLWT staff member will give a classroom or workplace presentation on a variety of subjects, including watershed education, vernal pool identification, habitat protection, threatened species conservation, and overall environmental stewardship. If you are interested in such a presentation for your classroom or workplace, please contact the Trust’s Executive Director Christine Nolan, at 856-376-3622.

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