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Say "Hello" to Our New Team Members!

Our new employees will work to improve the quality of NJ’s water and preserve its natural lands

Ken Atkinson is joining the SJLWT as our new Land Program Manager

With climate change and algae blooms becoming increasingly distressing issues, it’s more important than ever to preserve our state’s land and improve our water quality. To tackle these problems, the SJLWT has hired two experienced individuals, Ken Atkinson and Jody Carrara, who will work to expand our land preservation and water-protection programs. 

Ken joined us as our new Land Program Manager, and Jody joined as our Program Coordinator. Both Ken and Jody have over thirty years of environmental experience each. We at the SJLWT are sure that they will make great strides in expanding our programs. 

Preserving our land and protecting our water

Jody Carrara is joining the SJLWT as our new Project Director

As the Land Program Manager, Ken will be working on the SJLWT’s land preservation efforts, “I’ll be responsible for overseeing farmland and open space preservation activities for the Trust,”  Ken says, “I’m excited to get started.” 

The SJLWT has preserved over 1,500 acres of open space and over 600 acres of farmland since our inception, but we’re looking to preserve more. Ken notes, “I’m really looking forward to helping the SJLWT expand their land preservation program and get more of New Jersey’s natural spaces protected and preserved.” Considering that current research has suggested that land preservation and reforestation could be integral in the fight against climate change, his land preservation work will be more important than ever. 

While Ken works to preserve land, Jody will be working on our water-focused initiatives. “A large part of my job will involve water quality projects,” Jody says, “I’ll be in charge of the SJLWT’s rain garden projects and starting some water quality education programs. These can help combat stormwater runoff and water pollution.” New Jersey has seen a dangerous increase in the toxic algae blooms which are caused in large part by stormwater runoff. The programs Jody is running will educate the public and create stormwater infrastructure to help us work towards cleaner water for our state. 

Protecting our environment is a team effort

We at the SJLWT are excited to have both Ken and Jody join us in our work. “Both Ken and Jody have so much experience,” Christine Nolan, our Executive Director notes, “They’re passionate and dedicated individuals who have spearheaded all sorts of environmental initiatives for decades, from recycling programs to land preservation work to wildlife protection projects. We couldn’t be happier to have them join us in our mission to preserve New Jersey’s natural resources.”  

Ken, Jody, and everyone at the SJLWT are excited to get to work in continuing to protect and preserve our state’s environment. Each staff member with the SJLWT, like Ken and Jody, comes from different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common — a concern for the environment. As Ken says, “Each person at the SJLWT brings expertise and dedication to their individual responsibilities, and it truly feels like a team effort. I’m glad to be a part of this team.” 

Join us! 

Want to join Ken, Jody, and the rest of the SJLWT in our mission to improve New Jersey’s environment? Become a member, volunteer, or donate today!

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