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In Memory of William Lemmerman


William Lemmerman was a cherished friend and colleague who passed away suddenly in September of 2020, at age 59. William began generously volunteering his time to the land trust when we were next door neighbors in our previous Glassboro office. Over time he became an indispensable right arm to our land stewardship, water monitoring and education work. In 2016 William became a member of our Board of Trustees, but later decided he felt more useful working side by side with our dedicated staff and day to day programs. He then became a treasured member of our staff. Here are some of the many programs and projects that William contributed to.


Planting of our nursery grown endangered swamp pink in our Oldman’s Creek Preserve wetlands.

Creating and maintaining our OCP trail network.

Assisting in our water monitoring program to measure and record the water quality of our local streams.

Building numerous rain gardens at school and public buildings.

Attending and assisting in nature walks and talks throughout the region.

Assisting in the monitoring and maintenance of Camden’s Cramer Hill Preserve.

Acquiring a bee colony and building a hive at OCP and then gracefully accepting the loss when the colony decided to move out and reside elsewhere to parts unknown.

Preparing his own special BBQ chicken recipes for SJLWT celebrations and gatherings.

Assisting in a myriad of events, too many to share here. One of his coworkers shared the following:  “One thing that Bill told me that he really enjoyed was when he was able to participate and engage the public at community days and events.  I think his enthusiasm for the Trust's work really showed through at these events, and helped to generate and create interest from those who he interacted with.  He was a great messenger for the Trust.”


The list is endless. William worked in almost every aspect of SJLWT’s operations, but what was most significant and will be deeply missed was his selflessness, humor, kindness, empathy, depth of character, humility, dedication and warmth.


So, as we continue our efforts towards protecting and preserving this precious planet, every task we undertake will bring William to mind. We are so grateful to have had the gift of his joyful buoyant presence and will do our best to carry his spirit onward in all that he would want us to continue accomplishing in his absence.

A special rain garden has been created and dedicated to William Lemmerman, located behind our headquarters at the Oldmans Creek Preserve House.

The photo below taken by William on March 10, 2020. His post:

"Good Morning from Dividing Creek NJ"

Good Morning.JPG
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