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Our Partners

The successes of SJLWT would not be possible without the support of our wonderful partners

The following artists have donated their time and talent to help us preserve New Jersey's natural beauty. Visit the websites listed below and search for their names to see their amazing handiwork, and make sure to stay tuned to our events page for the next opportunity to fill your home with original art!

  • Mark Bohn “Bringing Up Baby” Mark started learning film photography in the 90s. His primary interests are nature & wildlife, particularly shorebirds. He has partnered with an Animal Hospital to photograph pets as a fundraiser for animal shelters, and photographing UKC dogs.

  • Sally Bouchard “Grove Ave. Bridge Over Woodbury Creek” Sally specializes in portraits for public and private collections. She is presently teaching small, private classes at her home studio in Thorofare, NJ.

  • Beverly Coulson “Bluebirds in Spring” Beverly is a lifelong artist who recently earned her degree in Art Education at Rowan University. She custom machine quilts for her small business, Mothers & Daughters Quilting.

  • Sharon Coyle “Autumn Storm” Sharon does commissions for pet portraits, private art lessons, and is a painting instructor at Michael’s in Vineland on the weekends.

  • Deborah DiMarco “Blue Flower Glass Pendant” Deb is a glass artist who creates one-of-a-kind glass pieces. Her extensive work can be see on her studio website,

  • Margaret Garcia “Winter Shadows” Margaret specializes in etchings and watercolors. Etching is very involved process that uses acid to bring out the etched image then the inked image is pressed onto paper. Each print is printed by hand.

  • Elaine Sooy Goodman “A.J. Meerwald Sail at Sunset” Since her retirement, Elaine has resumed a career in art, including painting, drawing, and lecturing on art.

  • Barbara Halpern “Victorian Beaded Necklace with Czech Glass Button” Barbara specializes in jewelry making, including beading, wire work, micro-macramé, polymer clay, beaded and wire-wrapped cabochons.

  • Michael Hogan “White-Eyed Vireo” Michael has photographed over 6,000 slides of Southern New Jersey’s watersheds and their flora and fauna. Works for sale are featured on his website:

  • Kevin Husta “PRSL Ocean City Branch 44th St. Trackage” Kevin is a Hammonton, NJ photographer whose work tends to capture the patterns of mankind mixed with the randomness of nature and water, especially in old railroads. He recently had an art exhibit at the Ocean City Arts Center.

  • Betty Little “The Forest” Betty is a South Jersey native who has always been interested in art, but found her real love in watercolor. She serves as the greeter for the Gloucester County Art League, and painting scenes from her travels.

  • Claire Lorraine “Autumn at Maple Ridge” This watercolor painting was done “en plein air” (outside, on site) and “al la prima” (all at one time) at Tall Pines State Preserve. Claire is a local artist and teacher for 30 years.

  • Arlene Marcoe “Redwing Blackbird” Arlene is a Long Island native who grew up painting, then studied under master pastelists and watercolorists in Maui, Hawaii.

  • Carl Mimlitsch “Echinacea in Bloom” Carl is an avid outdoorsman who recently started to paint. He is inspired by South Jersey views from his canoe trips.

  • Jan Narducci “Benjamin Franklin Bridge at Night” Jan enjoys exploring her creativity through working in various media: pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, mixed media, collage, oil, book arts, calligraphy & watercolor.

  • Mary Parisi “ Flamingo” was first introduced to photography while attending Kutztown University as an Art Major. Mary loves to photograph events and concerts, and lets her instinctual understanding of the music guide her camera.

  • Anthony Parisi “Freddie Mercury” Anthony is an award-winning caricaturist and illustrator who has served as the official illustrator for several of Philadelphia’s professional sports teams. This piece is part of a set of Classic Rock Tarot Cards he created.

  • Linda Ramsey “Kayaker” Linda paints landscapes and seascapes plein air in an impressionistic style, loosely, with visible brush strokes. She has also painted a series of vintage beach bikes, which are painted from photographs.

  • Anne Reid  Anne uses photography both as finished artwork, and as reference material for her watercolor and acrylic paintings.

  • Ernestine Robins “Sunset Lake” was the catalyst for the development of the Creative heARTs program, which now consists of 15 artists. She began with black and white drawings, but her art has expanded into a life full of color!

  • Judith Rosenthal “Ceramic Pieces” Judith is a ceramic artist with a significant resume, including a special project at Sotheby’s, New York. Her work and collections can be seen at

  • Holly Rotella “American Bald Eagle” Holly enjoys photographing nature and birds; she recently won third place in the amateur division of the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission’s National Arts Program Exhibition.  

  • Mary Trivelli Schatz “Weeping Willow” Mary is a local artist who is a native of South Jersey, where she currently paints portraits and seascapes by commission.

  • Nancy Schmidt “A Beautiful Place, Blackwood Lake” Nancy has owned and operated NSchmidt Graphic Design Studio for over thirty years at her thoroughbred farm creating designs and artwork for numerous organizations in New Jersey.

  • Norman Schmidt “Lakefront” Norman is a professionally trained illustrator, designer and photographer who now works exclusively in oil paints.

  • STAVRA Photography “Peacock Shell” Stavra is based in the Mt. Laurel area of NJ; she does bridal, mother-daughter, engagement, boudoir, “baby bump” and all other types of portraits. Her studio space includes indoor & outdoor areas with different vignettes for the perfect photograph.

  • Gloria Stumm “Lavender Tea” Gloria is a California native who calls New Jersey home, where she works in the medium of watercolor.

  • Melissa Tevere “South Jersey In the Spring” Melissa is primarily a landscapes and portrait painter. She graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, and is a published author and founder of MamaCita, a Mother’s Arts Cooperative.

  • Abe & Bonnie Warren “Handmade Wooden Tray” Abe Warren crafts refined rustic tables, benches, chairs and décor using various local woods. He combines classic construction techniques with folk craftsmanship to create highly polished furniture, while maintaining some of the live edges of the raw material. (856) 935-8952

  • Karen White “Golden Harvest” Karen is a custom and digital design artist who specializes in painting an original painting, mural, or room that is exactly what her client wants for an interior space.

  • Sally Willowbee “Night Light” Sally specializes in using recycled materials to create her artwork.

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