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Teacher Guides

Use these guides to support your environmental education efforts

About Our Watershed Guides 


Click on the button above to download a free copy of the guide.  

For additional information, contact the Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs at 856-858-5241 or


Click on the button above to download a free copy of the guide.  
For additional information, contact the South Jersey Land and Water Trust at 856-376-3622 or

The South Jersey Land & Water Trust in partnership with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), has published two resource guides for area teachers. These guides to the Watersheds of Camden and Gloucester Counties will introduce students to the natural and cultural resources of their county, helping to instill in them a sense of place and stewardship for their environment. Learning about these resources will help students see the role we all play in our watersheds, develop their concern for the local environment, and take action to protect it.

Both resource guides provide the following information:

  • Definitions of a watershed and the water cycle

  • Location of the watersheds that are wholly or partly in the County with maps and descriptions of each

  • Summaries of the natural and human history of the County

  • A description of drinking water sources in the County

  • Threats to the watersheds and to drinking water

  • What you can do to protect water quality and quantity

  • Resources for teachers (community groups contacts, websites, activity guides, print resources, and watershed field trip destinations)

  • Glossary

  • Appendices consisting of activities and lessons that teachers can utilize in the classroom

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